Children & Place Mapping Group
August 2005

Since our workshop and visits in July each school has been developing their own projects to carry out in their community. We have included summaries of these for you all to get a sense of their different approaches. As we go along we will continue to inform you of the kinds of activities and reflections that are happening in each school. You are very welcome to send any stories or photos through for everyone in our cluster to share. Email them through to if you have something to share.

Nyindamurra Family School- Writing and Performing Place

Fynn Mueller from Nyindamurra Family School sent us the following summary:
We will be carrying out the Values Mapping Project with the Year 6/7 class in Term 4.
Students will be interviewing people in the local area and mapping hot spots. We would be using a map of Margaret River from the school and to the coast.
Leading on from this will be a play that incorporates the information the students have gathered. Each student will be involved in writing the play.

Kerry Street Community School

Researching Our Local Neighbourhood and Developing Wetland Knowledge

Kath Sugars told us of Kerry Street Community School’s plans:
We plan to carry out most of the project in Term 4 with activities for the whole school.
We will carry out a research and mapping walks or bike ride of our local area in the last two weeks of Term 3. The children will be encouraged to note down places, businesses, sites of interest on their way between our school and the local neighbourhood. We will be using this as a basis for our mapping exercises in Term 4.
We are aiming to work with Nyungar elders to develop our school community’s understanding of indigenous relationships to the place that we live in.
We will also work with wetlands educators to learn more about the environmental aspects of our place in relation to Manning Lake and how we fit with this.
We will also be looking at our relationships with business and industry and this may include visits and interviews.
We also are looking forward to a staff member becoming more proficient with web site construction in order to teach the kids and other staff.

Moerlina Community School

From Herdsman Lake to the Subiaco Markets: Investigating the Layers of Land Use in Our Region

Denise Reynolds from Moerlina sent us this summary:
Early Learners
Teachers – Helen James and Avryl Cohen
Study - a comparison of how people and animals use the environment with particular emphasis on the Dog’s refuge and bushland
Timeline – Term 4 2005
Upper Primary
Teacher - Sally Cloake
Study - To discover the origins and development of the site known as the Claremont Showgrounds and the impact the development of the land has had on the community.
Middle Primary
Teacher – Denise Reynolds
Study – To map the life of the area now known as the Subiaco Station St Markets Track the ecological, economical, social and cultural development/changes over time and its impact on different members of the community.
Term 3 Wk10 Intro
Holidays private research during holiday time / personal interviews
Log personal interaction with Subi Markets,

Term 4

Wk 1-2 Research history of land 
Wk 3-4 Gathering and collating data 
Wk 5-6 Summarising facts making predictions about the
Wk 7 Present research to Local Council for reference material/interest to local public and write a column
for the local newspaper.
4 visits to interview public and workers, map layout of grounds, markets, make
creative impressions of the location.Student Council
Facilitators – Jenny Hill, Alix Grice, Mike Gilmore
Study: - To research the cultural and environmental development and changes over time of the area now known as Herdsman Lake.

Lance Holt School

Walking With And Learning From Nyungar Elders
August-September 2005

Here is a summary of events that have occurred and that are planned for the rest of the month. All of the activities and visits are part of our school community thinking about the kinds of values that different people attach and hold for the places that we live in. This set of activities focus on Nyungar relationships with Fremantle and the surrounding areas.

Topics of importance like family, language, land use, and culture will be explored.

Kindy Class Moort- Family

On Wednesday 24th August 2005 Marie Taylor and her niece will visit Samantha’s class. They will spend the morning teaching our kindy kids about Nyungar family relationships and language. The morning should be great fun with art activities and stories.

Year PP/One Class Nidja Nyungar Boodjar- (This is Nyungar Country)

On Wednesday 24th August 2005 in the afternoon Marie will work with Wendy’s class about Nyungar stories about place and belonging. The class will go for a walk with Marie and learn about how places have a story that runs through them from the past and still has meaning for today. Marie will also teach the kids some Nyungar words for space and place.

Year 2/3 Class Bush Foods- Bush Walk and Activities

On Thursday 25th August 2005 at 10am Kathryn and Debra’s class will be going to Piney Lakes to meet up with an Indigenous Heritage Officer from CALM. They will go for a walk and learn about how Nyungar people use the bush for food, medicine and other things. Nyungar words for place and food will be part of the activities.

Year 4/5 Class Walyalup Moort Visit on Monday 15th August 2005

We have had a great visit from Darryl Miller and Jenny Dempster from Walyalup Moort- the Nyungar Patrol on Monday. The year 4/5 class had invited them to come and talk about the work they do in Fremantle. Every child had a list of questions to ask and Darryl and Jenny were able to answer a whole range of questions about their work, family and place. Darryl explained that in Nyungar, Walyalup is the name for people from Fremantle and Moort means family. Jenny told us how they take care of people who need some help or and who might need a lift back home. They showed the kids their ‘bus’, which is a groovy little white van with the name of Walyalup Moort, and pictures of little footprints down the side. Darryl said they represent the footprints of kids and the role of Walyalup Moort in helping them get home.

It was the first time a school had asked them to come and talk about what they do and they were very pleased to be able to come and have a visit. They will keep an eye out for our kids in Freo now they know them!
Indigenous Footy Players
On Monday the 29th of August 2005 Christine’s class will be going to Fremantle Oval to meet up with two local South Fremantle footy players. They will talk about their special places and connections to Fremantle as well as answer questions developed by our fantastic year 4/5 kids!

Year 6/7 Class-Swan River Stories

On Thursday 1st September 2005 Seth’s class will be taking a look at the Swan River landscape with the guidance of Greg Nannup. They will go on a bus tour and walk. Greg is a Nyungar man who will be able to inform the class about Nyungar ways of seeing the land and using the river in the past and today. How Nyungar people value the river and land around it will form part of the way the year 6/7s can consider their own relationship with the river and how it is used today

At our daily morning meeting this week a student put his hand up to tell the whole school:
“On Thursday we visited Piney Lakes and it expired (inspired) me to go again on Sunday.”

Eli , Grade 2 LHS student, told our whole school meeting that he took his family for a tour of the Lakes and they spotted many froglets … (kooyar is the Nyungar name). His enthusiasm for the place was ignited by his class tour with Marissa Maher from the CALM Indigenous Heritage Unit. He has passed on some of his learning to his little brother and Mum and Dad.

We love to see how the things that we do at school are inspiring our children and their families- this moment demonstrates the value of what happens in and outside of the classroom!

Chris Walkley from Strelley School has said that they are very keen to carry out part of their activities in this term. Term 4 becomes very, very hot which makes outside activities a bit of a challenge! Their school staff team have been meeting to discuss the project and one of the ideas at this stage is for the school to take a look at Strelley community and its relationships with towns, service providers and other pastoral leases. We are looking forward to hearing further details from them soon.

Chris and the rest of the staff have again said how pleased they are to be part of the project and hope to be able to speak and meet with each of us too

Our shared project addresses the following values:

Keeping in Touch

Web Logging

The Curriculum Corporation has just got their weblog up and running. We will be in touch soon about how we may best use this site.


We are investigating the best way of every cluster keeping in touch with each other, and apart from email, phone and meetings, teleconferencing may be a great opportunity for a group discussion.Maps for the Base Layered

Mapping Exercise

Kathryn has been arranging these maps for all schools that have requested them. They should be ready in the next two weeks. If you need a map of a particular region or area please let us know and we will endeavour to get it for you.

Remember we can assist you if you require consultants or resources. Let us know how we can help you.
Enjoy your projects- we are looking forward to hearing from you!