Baker's Square

One of the places in our >neighbourhood that is important to the Kerry Street community is Bakerís Square. Our school doesnít have a very big grass area for playing vigorous ball games or running fast so Bakerís Square, being just a short walk away, is a great place for us to go. Friday lunch times are our regular visits, where we play on the playground, sit under trees and eat lunch or play soccer or football. In 2005 we did physical education there with Bec and Lisa from the YMCA. We also mapped the park and spent time on works of art.

Alex, Jimmy, Stephen, Pasgen and Wara reporting:

The park is 376 m from school. It is 507 m around the park. It is 276 m around the basketball court.

  • I like this park because I can play soccer, cricket and football. I also like going on the playground. ~Stephen (9 yrs)
  • Itís a big place so you play lots of games like soccer, footy and cricket and lying on the grass and playing on the playground. ~Pasgen (10 yrs)
  • What games can you play? Soccer and football and cricket. What is fun to do at the park? Game playing on the playground. ~Alex (10 yrs)
  • I like playing sport. It is my favourite park. ~Jimmy (10 yrs)
  • I like this park because I like soccer. ~Wara (9 yrs)

Map of Baker's Square ~Callam 8 yrs

This park is special to us. Find out more...

Tybion (8 yrs) made this beautiful coloured aqua-pencil picture of Baker's Square, including Banjo, the dog who visits us there. See more of the children's artwork.

Jimmy (10 yrs) tells about the things he likes to do at Baker's Square. On our Friday lunchtime visits, we do all sorts of things...

We did our Physical Education programme at Baker's Square in term 4, 2005. Find out what we did.

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