Lunchtime At Baker's Square

Robyn and Kalindi

At Baker's Square there’s a dog that visits us called Banjo. There are two soccer goals, two playgrounds, a tennis court, some swings. There is a thing that someone sits on one side and another person sits on the other side. Then it’s like a weigher thingymajigy. My favourite thing to do there is play on the swings and play with Harry. ~Louis (9 yrs)

Alissa on the rolling drum


Tallulah and Twilight


We play imagination games in the playground, like… The person went up the ladder and went down the slide and then he went up, down, up, down, up, down for ever but he splashed into the lava and the lava splashed everywhere. ~Seth (5 yrs)

This lunchtime soccer team contains Jade, Ayman, Jimmy, Jason and Harry. Jimmy looks to be in charge of tactics!


Callam lining up for a big one


Woody (5 yrs)

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