Manning Park

Manning Park was our main sustainability hotspot, a place where ecological, economic, social and cultural uses overlap to form an area of special significance for our school and the entire community. We visited Manning Park seven times, and we were lucky to have a number of people come and share their expertise or experience with us as we explored the park. These are the things we did...

We played on the playground. Naturalist, Eric McCrum, came and shared a wealth of knowledge about wetlands with us. We were fascinated by the tortoises we saw laying their eggs and later swimming in the lake.
Tom, Harry, Tye and Brendan report on the Spring Fair. Sustainability expert, Laura Stocker, came on a walk around the lake and inspired us to map the park. Trevor Walley came and showed us how to introduce ourselves to the earth and the creatures, how to throw spears and lots more.
Shana encouraged us to do beautiful observational artwork of the trees and wildlife at Manning Park. With Petra, the environmental officer at Cockburn Council, we tested the water in the lake, planted sedge and found out how trees help us. We visited The Azelia Ley Homestead Museum and The Old Wagon House.
We helped clean up an area of the lake by picking up all the rubbish. We recorded the water level in the lake over a period of weeks and graphed it. On our last day we had a picnic and a water fight and rolled down the big hill.
The experience of visiting the park weekly was quite wonderful. Shana's class collected their memories of the term's excursions and they are beautiful to read. We took video of most of our visits and edited it. If you would like to see our Manning Park movies please email us.  

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