Manning Lake and Cockburn Council

Cockburn Council takes care of Manning Park and Manning Lake. Three representatives from the council came to Manning Park and met with us to talk about their role and do different activities with the students. In this way we were able to care for Manning Lake, too.

Petra Zele and the older students focused on the lake; testing the water temperature, writing observations, sampling the water and identifying invertebrates in the lake.

Petra and Jimmy scooping for lake creatures

Two scientific descriptions of Manning Lake

The lake is very dirty and it has away too much poo and too much rubbish. I like the ducks. The temperature is 23.8 degrees. It is 60 cm deep.

Kalindi's petri dish contained some boatmen

On Friday we went to Manning Park . We went in groups. Wylie, Robyn and I went in a group. Robyn went in the warta with the girl. She took the warta tepricher (temperature) and we cacht miny insekts and looked in the mikraskop and the orange insekt looked like a giant cokroche. We cacht about ten fish. ~Kalindi 9 yrs
We learnt about the swamp. We used the temperature thing. We had a container to put the mini beasts in. They were black, orange and red. Robyn put gumboots on and told us the temperature. We used a tube thing. Isnít that interesting? Kalindi and I went in the water. Robyn was the captain. ~Wylie 10 yrs

With Trena Ward, the younger group looked at why trees are important to us and to the environment and, with Natalie Kennedy, planted sedge near the edge of the water.

The sedge is planted to provide habitat for native animals and protection from predators like foxes and cats. It also acts as a nutrient stripper, removing excess phosphorus and nitrogen from fertiliser run off before it enters the lake, helping to reduce algae blooms. Asthetic considerations are also important.

At Manning Park we learnt about trees; like they give us oxygen, they stop erosion and they are homes for animals. They are shade and shelter and help make water in the air. We planted seedlings with a potapotkey. We planted the seedlings because they are food and ptecshin (protection) for animals. And we drord (drawed) one of the reasons trees are important to us. ~Tybion 8 yrs


Tallulah 5 yrs

We learnt why trees are important. They give us shelter and the trees are SO! important to us. If we didn’t have trees we couldn’t live that’s why trees are important. We planted plants. We yoosd a seedling planter. It was fun with her. ~Jitana 7 yrs

Alex's favourite tree ~ Chris 11 yrs

We planted trees and we played a sort of game. The trees give oxygen for us to live. The trees stop erosion so we don’t get bloon away. They’re homes for animals and they give us shade and shelter and make water in the air. ~Callam 8 yrs At Manning Park I planted a plant. Did you know trees give us oxygen and it stops erosion and it is homes for little animals and it gives us shade and shelter and helps put water in the air. ~Jason 7 yrs

We used this tool to plant the sedge seedlings. It is called a... pottyputcar (Harry)... potapotkey (Tybion)... pot-a-poot-kee (Kath)...... it's called a seedling planter!

The diagram is by Tye

(Official spelling, thanks Nat... potti:putki)


I planted 17 little trees. I like this park. ~Wara 9 yrs (above)

Planting trees is my favourite class activity. ~Jade 8 yrs

I learnt how to plant reeds with a pottyputcar. ~Harry 8 yrs

My favourite activity was when we planted the reeds. ~Tybion 8 yrs

I have cared for Manning Park by planting more reeds. ~Aquilla 8 yrs

My favourite thing at Manning Park was planting the reeds. ~Tye 8 yrs

Natalie helped us plant the sedge

We talked about how trees are important to us and we planted reeds on the edge of the swamp. I’m looking forwed to seeing my seedlings fully grown. ~Ben 8 yrs

Some of our community were very sad that this huge old tree was chopped down. The Cockburn Council is responsible for chopping down a tree if they think it could become dangerous, perhaps it was showing signs of rot or dropping limbs. Occasionally a tree is struck by lightening.

I learnt lots about trees and I hugged a tree and I said to the trees you are special and Kara came too and we planted plants and I planted with Alissa. The end. ~Twilight 7 yrs

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