Mapping Manning Park

Laura Stocker helped us look at what is special and significant for us about Manning Park; what we like to do here, what makes us happy and what we can do to care for the park.

We began with an expedition right around the lake, exploring whenever we found inspiration. It was on this first full trip around the lake we saw our long necked tortoise snoozing in the water and discovered the big hill that provided such wonderful "rolling down" potential.

The we talked about our relationship with the park and set about mapping Manning Park from our own point of view, and sharing our maps with everyone.

This key to Aquilla's map summarises her entire experience of Manning Park, term 4, 2005, in her own playful and loving style.


Here are some photos of us drawing our maps and some of the students' finished products.


Ayman's priority at Manning Park looks to be the playground

Ariane provides a seat for William (and a home base in his chasey game)

Melody's map includes the lake, the trees, the barbeque area, where her family often have birthday parties, the playground and the bench next to the tree where you can sit and look at the lake.


Things that are special and make me happy at Manning Park: seeing the animals having fun, rolling down the hill, climbing the logs, looking at the clouds and playing at the playground. ~Wylie

Jade and Melody

Callam's map is a more detailed view of the western section of the park, where we spent most of our time. "My favourite activity was when we made the maps."

Pasgen, Jimmy and Alex have "uncoordinated, upside down trees" on their map


Tye's map features tortoises, ducks in the middle of the lake, a boy riding his bike, the rolling hill, the playground and the trees.


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