Azelia Ley Homestead Museum and Old Wagon House

We are grateful to the knowledgable and friendly volunteers who showed us around the Azelia Ley Homestead Museum and the Old Wagon House at Manning Park. The kids' favourite part was probably playing on the tractors...

Aquilla, Wara, Callam, Stephen and Tybion


...but here is what Shana's class had to say about the museums (original spelling).

We went into a rilee rilee old house and we saw old frjis (fridges) and clothes and buftubs and mncha (miniature) houses and pans and cots and one bed but the cots looked a lot the same. I fort to myself when we go to the house there will be stairs but there was no stairs. ~Twilight 7 yrs

We went inside an old house to look at the old stuff. We looked in the bathroom. It looked strange but it didnít look like today. ~ Jitana 7 yrs

There was really cool models and weppens (weapons) and really old things. ~Callam 8 yrs

On Friday we went to the Azelia Ley Homestead Museum and The Wagon House. In the homestead there were so many old things! They had olden day telephones, olden day clothes, olden day horse shoes and other interesting things. Then I visited the Wagon House. I wasnít too excited about the things in there but it was quite sad because I found out they chopped the yellow tree down. I got to have a play on the tractors. ~Aquilla 8 yrs

We went inside the homestead and it was really cool. There were lots of cool models and old stuff and there were three big tractors that we could play on. ~Ben 8 yrs

We looked inside a homestead. We saw all of this olden day stuff like clothes, fridge, telephone and the stove. And they had really different horse shoes. ~Tybion (horse fanantic) 8 yrs

On Friday we went to the Azelia Ley Homestead Museum . In the olden days the women were very slim. We went to the wagon house. Robyn and I played on the tractors. ~Kalindi 9 yrs


This pastel representation of the Azelia Ley Homestead is by Jimmy 10 yrs


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