Party at Manning Park

We reserved our last Friday at Manning Park for a party. We had a barbeque, a water fight, rolled down the hill and basically played and played. It was a fitting end to the term, celebrating all our experiences; all the fun, work and wonder of our excursions to Manning Park. Here are some snapshots of our party.

My favourite activity at Manning Park was when we went to have a bbq. ~Ben

My favourite activity was the water fight. ~Wara

I liked having water fights with Willy. ~Jitana

I like rolling down the hill ~Jade

I like seeing the tortoises and rolling down the hill ~Callam

...rolling down the hill ~Wylie

I like rolling down the hill and playing on the playground ~Kalindi

I like rolling down the hill. ~Twilight

I liked filming at the barbeque. ~Twilight

(Twi and Tybion filmed this exclusive sedge inspection!)


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