Just Play

One of the things we did every time we went to Manning Park was just play.

I feel happy when I play on the playground with Alissa and Tallulah. I can help Manning Park by rubbing the texta off the playground. ~Twilight

I liked playing on the playground at Manning Park. ~Callam


Ben's map of the playground

Jitana, Wylie, Robyn, Kalindi and Aquilla

I lick the animals at Manning Park and riding by bick. ~Tye


Thomas's picture of himself riding his bike at Manning Park.

Manning Park is important to me because me and my friends can play on the playground. ~Harry


This is Seth and Ariane on the monkey bars


I like watching the animals and making boats out of paperbark and seeing if they float. ~Ben


Drawing of paperbark boat by Wara

The Paperbark Flotilla

And the crew: Wara, Woody, Pasgen, Stephen, Alex and Callam


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