Picking Up Rubbish

One of the activites we did at Manning Park this year, as part of stewardship of our place, was pick up rubbish. The students had gloves and buckets and a specific area to work in and they went for it.

We had plans to audit the rubbish, as we did our lunch time rubbish at school, but since we collected it on Friday afternoon and it was pretty smelly then (some say putrid), we threw it away rather than get it out again on Monday.

The rubbish pick up was incredibly popular and many of the students mentioned, in their reflections of the park, that picking up rubbish was one of their favourite activities.

Here are some pictures and student comments...

Wara and Wylie, both with a slimy sock

My school went to Manning Park. We picked up rubbish. I found a shoe, a sock, newspaper, plastic, bags, paper, string, bottles and cups. Why do people litter? Because sometimes the rubbish bin is too full and it falls out or people litter without noticing like leaving it on the table because they forget. ~Wylie 10 yrs

We collected rubbish to help the little inesent animals and to help the environment and we found lots and lots of rubbish. ~Callam 8 yrs

We had to pick up rubbish and when we got the rubbish it looked a lot cleaner. People litter everywhere. They can't be bothered to pick up their rubbish. ~Jitana 7 yrs

Alissa, Tallulah and Twilight

Me and Alissa and Tallulah found lots of rabsh but we found moslee ripped up newspaper not much other things. The rabsh was in the mud. I forgot to say to you that we poot gloves on when we picked up the rabsh. ~Twilight 7 yrs

We looked for rubbish. Robyn and I found chip packets and freddo frog packets, a frisbee, a dummy and coke cans and we found it all in the mud. ~Kalindi 9 yrs

We picked up all different types of rubbish like glass. plastic, chip packets, cigarette butts, cups, plastic foil, soft drink cans, and lolly wrappers. Me, Jit, Aquilla and her mum got two buckit fulls. ~Tybion 8 yrs

Robyn and Kalindi

I reckon most rubbish was near the lake. I think the rubbish has blown out of the rubbish bin and gone down to the lake. ~Ben 8 yrs

The BBQ areas and around the tables had the most rubbish because people cook and eat there. ~Jade 8 yrs

The areas that had the most rubbish were in the mud, the lake, under trees, near bins and tables, I think because the wind blows it. ~Tybion 8 yrs

The rubbish was in these playses because people usually go on these playses. People usually can't help putting it in the bins so they drop it on the floor. ~Harry 8 yrs


Lizard stuck in coke can ~Jade 8 yrs

The litter makes the park look bad and it paloots the water. Lizards get their heads stuck in cans. ~Jade 8 yrs

The litter at Manning Park can makes the animals die and get sick. ~Ben 8 yrs

The rubbish at Manning Park can be bad because the animals can eat it. It makes Manning Park very dirty to people. ~Tybion 8 yrs

Wylie was a champion rubbish picker upper

The litter affects these things. One, animals and other living things may think the litter is food and eat it. Two, no one will come and join the community because of all the rubbish. ~Aquilla

The litter in the water can kill animals and it makes algae. ~Kalindi 9 yrs

I feel happy when the animals are happy. Sometimes I feel sad for the animals because the rubbish it is so sad and I feel strong to stand up for them. ~Jitana 7 yrs

It affects the environment and animals can die. ~Wara 9 yrs

William's grandma, Hannah, helps Ayman tip his bucket of rubbish into the big bag.

I liked picking up rubbish. ~Callam 8 yrs

I like to pick up rubbish and leave the animals alone. ~Ben 8 yrs

I cared for Manning Park by picking up rubbish and not hurting the Manning Lake ivirement. ~Harry 8 yrs

I like walking along the side of Manning Lake, watching the birds, listening to their calls, spotting tortoises and picking up rubbish. If anyone goes to Manning Park (hopefully) no one will throw rubbish in the lake without thinking twice. ~Aquilla 8 yrs


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