A Fun Day At The Fair

Cockburn Rotary Spring Fair

Sunday 30th October 2005

Fun Day

by Tye

The fair was very fun and there were lots of things to do. Me and Harry got a Mars Bar show bag. We watched some of a band.

Fun Day on Sunday

by Harry

At the spring fair there were some workers and Tye took a picture of them. There were a few rides. Me and Tye didn't go on one. There were some prizes to win but we did not win any.

The Fair

by Brendan

At the fair I got 12 show bags and a coke and a hotdog and Eminem photos. I got a Mars Bar show bag and a Smarty show bag and a necklace. I won a toy bird and a toy dog and a toy car and a toy cat.

I talked to the band. They told me they were going to play about five songs later that night. I talked to the people doing the fireworks. They said the fireworks will be longer than last year and they are safe. The show bag lady told me they were left over from the Royal Show so she made them cheaper.

Spring Fair Report Report

by Tom

It was with glee that I accepted the task of helping Brendan and Tye report on the spring fair. Harry came along for the ride, although he didn't go on one (I was having a "how much fun we can have without spending money" day). Brendan went with his family. Thanks to the boys for their valuable input.

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