Our Day With Trevor

Trevor helped us to say, in Nyoongar, "I'm here as a child in this land."  

Trevor Walley

I went to Manning Park. I met a guy called Trevor. He taught us how to throw a spear and a boomerang. He taught us how to say hello to the earth. ~Jason 7 yrs

We threw boomerangs and spears. We put mud on our hands and put ochre on our face. We made baby footprints. Mother earth father sun baby moon. ~Callam 8 yrs


We made ochre and threw spears and then made baby prints and threw the boomerang. ~Wara 9 yrs

Chitty chitty means willy wag tale. We threw boomerangs and made oke. We poot mud on our hands to greet the birds and we made baby footprints wif our hands. ~Jitana 7 yrs
Jimmy and Angel making bird calls

We learnt a finger rhyme...

Wriggle like the Waugle

Jump like the kangaroo

Climb like the goanna

Run like the emu


At Manning Park Trevor showed us and told us some things. He told us that chitty chitty means willy wagtail in Nyoongar. He showed us how to throw a spear and make ochre. We all put mud on our hands to say hello to the animals. We made baby foot prints with our hands in the sand. ~Ben 8 yrs

The Nyoongar word for spear is gidgee and Gidgegannup is 'the dreaming of the spear'.

This is Alex preparing to cast his spear with the aid of a spear thrower, called mirra or woomera.


I learnt the spears names and I learnt to make baby footprints and we put mud on our hand and we put ochre on our face and we played with a boomerang and we learnt how to use a spear. ~Twilight 7 yrs


"My favourite class activity at Manning Park was when we went to meet Trevor."

We got to learn to throw spears and boomerangs. I had fun throwing the boomerangs. We made baby footprints. We put mud on our hands. ~Tye 8 yrs

Everyone trying to catch the boomerang. Five times in a row. A boomerang is called a kylie.

Last Friday we went to Manning Park again and we met an Aboriginal named Trevor. He taught us about the earth and animals and the plants that lived there. He taught us how to throw spears and how to make human baby tracks in the sand. We learnt how to speak a bit of Nyoongar language. He also put mud on our hands and ochre on our faces. Thatís all there is I guess. ~Aquilla 8 yrs

We went to Manning Park on Friday. We learnt how to throw spears. We made a footprint with our hands. We needed to put mud all over our hands. We needed to rub it so the earth could smell us. We made a bit of ochre. We got to throw the boomerang and we caught it five times. ~Wylie 10 yrs


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