Reflections of Manning Park

Shanaís year 2, 3 and 4 class

(original spelling has been retained in some cases for authenticity)


Manning Park is one of my favourite parks. It has animals there as well and itís in the city. We saw a tortoise walking up the hill to lay its eggs. We saw swamp hen and coot chicks. I like rolling down the hill. I like watching the animals. I like watching the plays at the theater. One time my big brother was in one. We could pick up rubbish and never litter; that would protect the habitat. I like to walk up the hill along the track. It eventually goes to the beach but I never go there. Planting trees is my favourite class activity. ~Jade

Manning Park is important to me because I walk my dog there. I enjoy climbing the car grave yard. My favourite activity was when we planted the reeds. ~Tybion

Things that are special and make me happy at Manning Park are: I like watching the animals and making boats out of paperberck and seeing if they float. Things that I could do to help the park: I like to pick up rubbish and leave the animals aloun. My favourite activity at Manning Park was when we went to have a bbq. I have learnt that willy wagtails have only three eggs, that trees put water in the air and that tortoises donít blink. ~Ben

I like seeing the tortoises and rolling down the hill and I like all the animals and I like playing on the playground. I liked picking up rubbish. My favourite activity was when we made the maps. Iíve learnt about the white gull eats baby tortoises and that Aboriginals say chitti chitti for willy wagtails and the tortoise can stay under water for six hours (maybe two Ė ed). ~Callam

Manning Park is important to me because me and my friends can play on the playground. I like looking for tortoises and playing on the playground at Manning Park . I cared for Manning Park by picking up rubbish and not hurting the Manning Lake ivirement. Spear throwing, boomerang throwing and picking up rubbish were my favourite activities. I learnt that turtles are not the same as tortoises. I learnt how to plant reeds with a pottyputcar. I learnt that the paper bark is good paper. ~Harry

Manning Park is important to me because I like the animals. I like rolling down the hill and playing on the playground. We cared for Manning Park; we went and picked up rubbish and I put my rubbish in the bin. I liked the part at Manning Park when Robyn and I made stick houses. I learnt about the girl magpies back is white and the boys back is black and I learnt about the tortoises and the turtles. The tortoise can walk and the turtles canít walk and I learnt about the willy wagtails nests; the willy wagtails nests are made of spider web. ~Kalindi

I like making boats at Manning Park. My favourite activity was the water fight. I learnt about trees and how they help the environment. Also they stop erosion. I planted 17 little trees. I like this park. I like the playground and the ducks. Never feed the ducks. No swimming in the lake. ~Wara

I donít find Manning Park very important to me but I must admit it is a very beautiful park. My favourite thing to do at Manning Park is go there with my school and have the fun we always have. Some of the ways I have cared for Manning Park are by putting my rubbish in the bin, planting more reeds and pulling rubbish out of the lake. My favourite activities at Manning Park this term were drawing maps, planting reeds and everything else we did. I have enjoyed spotting tortoises. At Manning Park this term the three things I learnt were: One, that there was a footy field on top of the rolly polly hill. Two, that Manning Park has a lot of value to other people and three, tortoises can hold their breath for two hours. At Manning Park I like walking along the side of Manning Lake, watching the birds, listening to their calls, spotting tortoises and picking up rubbish. If anyone goes to Manning Park (hopefully) no one will throw rubbish in the lake without thinking twice. Hopefully no one will disturb the animals there either. Or feed the animals. Well, there are probably more things you could do to help Manning Park and keep it a nice place but thatís all from me. ~Aquilla

I learnt a lot about trees and they are special. I like the playground. I like rolling down the hill. I planted plants, I picked up rubbish. I liked filming at the barbeque. I feel happy when I roll down the hill. I feel happy when I play on the playground with Alissa and Tallulah. I can help for Manning Park byÖ rubbing the texta off the playground. ~Twilight

The turtles are great and the trees give us oxygen. I liked having water fights with Willy. I liked drawing with Shana. We made baby footprints and we so were happy. I like the animals. Me and Aquilla picked up the rubbish. I feel happy when the animals are happy. Sometimes I feel sad for the animals because the rubbish it is so sad and I feel strong to stand up for them. ~Jitana

I lick the animals at Manning Park and riding my bick. I lick to play with my friends on the playground. My favourite thing at Manning Park was planting the reeds. Help Manning Park! Donít pollute, pick up rubbish, look after the animals. I learnt trees help the environment by making oxygen. With Trevor we learnt to fro spears and boomerangs. I learnt the tortoises cood hold their breath for two hours. ~Tye

Things that are special and make me happy: seeing the animals having fun, rolling down the hill, climbing the logs, looking at the clouds, playing at the playground. There was a cafa but they left but I had fun there. I have helped by picking up the rubbish and leaving them (animals) with their bisns (business). Do not feed ducks. I learnt about willy wagtails how they take away their babiesí poo. I learnt about the tortoise and how it has a bridge. I learnt about the magpie how the girl has a white back and the boy does not. My favourite activity was looking at little bugs in the water. ~Wylie

I like to play in the playground. I like rolling down the hill. I like climbing the trees. My favourite thing was when we went to meet Trevor. ~Jason

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