Aerial Map of Kerry Street and our Neighbourhood

Can You Find??

  • Kerry Street Community School
  • The Stables
  • The Roly Poly Hill
  • Cockburn Basketball Stadium
  • Dewson's
  • Carol and Harry's place
  • Baker's Square
  • Moss and Stu's (and Kalindi's) place
  • The Old Wagon House
  • Zelda and Leon's (and the chooks)
  • Where the willy wagtails nested out the back of the school
  • Tom, Alana, Harry and Sey's place
  • Davilak Oval
  • Manning Lake
  • Azelia Ley Homestead
  • Playground at Manning Park
  • Greenslade's
  • The 141 bus stop


Kerry Street Home Page stables Cockburn Basketball Stadium Pinakarri where Stu and Moss live Baker's Square Dewson's Carol and Harry's house Greenslades Davilak Oval Tom, Harry, Alana and Seychelle's place Zelda and Leon's 141 bus stop Kerry Street Community School Willy wagtails Manning Lake Roly poly hill Manning Park playground Azelia Ley Homestead Old Wagon House