Bus Stop

In 2000, Alana McNee, our inspirational art teacher at Kerry Street, obtained a grant from the Cockburn Council to paint the bus stop across the road from our school.

There followed a process of sketching local birdlife, both live animals and specimens borrowed from the museum. The children did sketches with different media and chose one to be transferred onto the bus stop. The drawings were enlarged on the photocopier, traced onto the bus stop and painted by the children in bright colours.


Above: Seychelle, Alana and Hannah

Left: Black shouldered kite (Hannah) and Raptor (Fionn)


The bus stop looked beautiful. The local paper ran an article. Students and staff from our school used the bus stop every day and we all admired it.


Back row: Rowan, Harry and Hannah Front row: Lily, Seychelle, Ella and Rebecca


But then... someone sprayed graffiti on the front and threw a tin of house paint over the birds on the back. In spite of having coated our work of art in anti-graffiti sealer, there was no way to get it off.

When the values project came along, repairing the damage to the bus stop seemed a fitting way to demonstrate stewardship of our place.

Alana volunteered to organise the repainting in the Christmas holidays and the Cockburn Council generously agreed to provide funds to pay for the paint.



original artwork






Some students who were involved in the original painting of the bus stop helped in the restoration, even though they have left Kerry Street now. Five and a bit years on they are older but just as beautiful and they still care about their place and the little bit of beauty they helped create.


Seychelle and Wylie



Melody and Seychelle



We are delighted to welcome Alana back to Kerry Street, after a break of a few years, as our art specialist in 2006.

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