Shopping Trip

Part of our values project included exploring "Who's in Our Neighbourhood?" Hayley, Monica, Twilight, Jason and Fran took a trip to two shops with significance to our school community. The first was Greenslades, on Rockingham Road, where our school guinea pigs get their food and bedding and the second was Dewsons, just down the road, where some of our families buy their groceries.

While many of our mini projects focused on social or ecological aspects of sustainability, this little area of Hamilton Hill is an economic hotspot. The children interviewed the shop owners and managers with questions they had prepared.


Pet Shop Interview

by Hayley (10 yrs) and Monica (11 yrs)


Why is your shop called Greenslades? It was opened by someone named Mr Greenslades.
How long have you worked at Greenslades? 2 years
What was the shop before it became the Pet Shop? They sold animal food, seeds and other pet equipment.

What kind of pets do you sell?

We sell all kinds. (As we walked around the shop we saw kittens, birds, chickens, fish, hermit crabs, rats, mice, rabbits and dogs.)

How long has it been a pet shop? 2 years
What is your favourite pet here and why? Our security dog. It belongs to us and lives at the shop.
How long have you sold pets for? 2 years
Do you name the pets? We try not to, as we donít want to be too attached and their new owners will give them names. Also most of the pets donít stay here long before they go to new homes.

What do you feed the animals?

It depends on the type of animal. For example, kittens have their own feed, chickens their own, etc. (When we left we were given samples of food for our own or our friendsí pets.)

Do people come often to buy things? We are fairly busy every day and our pets leave here quickly, most of the time.
Where do you get the pets from? Mainly from local people.
What is your oldest pet? His name is Ricky and he is 28.
What is your youngest pet? We have mice which are three days old and chickens which are one day old.
What is your favourite breed of dog? Staffy
Do you have any pets? Yes, quite a few, including our dog.
How many people work at Greenslades? Five people work here but not all the time.
What is the most popular pet to buy here? Kittens
Where do your pets sleep?


In their pens or cages. Some with their mums, like the mice and rat babies.
How often do you wash the pets? Generally when they are dirty. Sometimes we wash and treat them for fleas and worms when they arrive; for puppies and kittens, say.
Do you have new stock every day? No, usually weekly.


Hayley and Monica sayÖ

We enjoyed this interview because the shop people were all friendly and helpful and we really liked seeing all the animals. They told us they still sell feed, seed, animal beds, equipment and rainwater tanks as well. We think Greenslades is importantfor local people to buy and sell their pets and what they need to be healthy.



Dewsons Interview

by Jason (7 yrs) and Twilight (7 yrs)


How long have you worked here? For about eight and a half years.
What do you mainly do? I serve customers and do other jobs with stock, in the deli and supervising people.

Do you know how long this shop has been here?

About 20 years. As Dewsons, Supa Valu, Rules and Foodland. The newsagent and other shops have also been here.

(At the moment this small shopping centre contains Dewsons, a newsagent, a chemist, a wedding organizing and equipment shop, gym, take away fish and chip shop, computer and stationery.)

Do you have a very busy time? We are busy every day. We have lots of regular customers from the area. We (the staff) shop here, too.
How many people work here? About 20 people.
What are your hours of opening? During the week we are open from 8am to 7pm and 8am to 5pm on the weekend.

Do you sell anything unusual?

We sell all the usual supermarket things and also have fresh pasta and biscuits and plants.


Jason and Twi shared the interview with Lisa, who was very friendly and knew a lot about the local shops.

Before becoming part of the Dewsons chain this shop was Supa Valu and before that it was called Rules.

Lots of our school community shop here and enjoy the friendly staff and fresh food. There are Italian goodies and it feels more personal (and not as big!) as the people involved have been around for some time.


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