Stable Visit

Near our school we have a stable, housed in some of Fremantle's historic buildings. Our school also has a horse crazy bunch of girls: Jitana, Melody, Angel and Tybion. As part of our values project, exploring our neighbourhood, Julia took the girls to visit the stables.

They interviewed Ray with questions they had prepared

What are the horse's names and what colour are they?


Shilo is Piebald


Boyzie is Chestnut

Emmie is Appaloosa

Arizona is Bay



What food do they like?
Chaff, hay, lucerne, apple and carrots
How long have you had them? 7 years
How many horses have you had in the past? 10
What are they bred for? Riding
How old are they? 20, 27, 4 or 5 and 3 years
Do you have any other pets? 2 dogs and 2 cats
Do you ride yourselves? Yes
Have any of them had a foal? No
Did you get any of them when they were a foal? No
What food are they allergic to? Shilo is allergic to oats
How much does it cost to keep the horses on your property? A lot of money



This is a pencil drawing of Arizona by Angel (10 yrs)


Melody took video footage of the trip, then Melody and Angel edited the clips and produced a movie called The Wild West. If you would like to see the movie please email us. Thanks to Julia for organising the trip and to Ray for answering all the girls' questions.


As an added bonus, the girls got to eat mulberries. Tybion looks like she enjoyed a few!


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