Willy Wagtails atKerry Street

Two pairs of willy wagtails decided to build their nests on our school grounds. The parent birds got agitated when anyone came near them; they were protective of their nests and didnít want people or even other birds anywhere close to their eggs or chicks.

The students talked about the birds and decided to avoid the areas around the nests but to watch them through the door and window and write down their observations.

The children shared their space willingly, conscientiously asking visitors and reminding each other not to disturb the birds, demonstrating their natural desire and ability to care for other creatures.

Leon, Chris, Jade, Callam and Ben spent time observing and drawing the birds and the nest.

Ben 8 yrs
Chris 11 yrs
Callam 8 yrs

They also researched willy wagtails and wrote a report.


On one of our excursions to Manning Park, naturalist Eric McCrum told us more about willy wagtails. Some things that seemed to stick in the kidsí memories were:

Willy wagtails nests are made of spider web ~Kalindi

I learnt about willy wagtails how they take away their babiesí poo ~Wylie

Willy wagtails have only three eggs ~Ben

Aboriginals say chitti chitti (or djidi djidi) for willy wagtails ~Callam  

Jade and Callam (8 yrs) made a papier mache model
Leon (10yrs) made these beautiful ink drawings

The everyday process of the birds nesting, laying eggs, incubating the eggs, feeding the babies and eventually laying new eggs in the old nest was an experience the whole school shared and celebrated.

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