Zelda's Chooks

Geraldine's Pre-primary and Year 1 Class

As part of our values project (who’s in our neighbourhood) the pre-primaries and year ones visited Zelda and Leon's house to look at her chooks. Some of the chooks have chicks. The chicks and their mum visited the school when they were newly hatched.

This is Liza holding a black chick

This is Alissa with a yellow one

Zeldas’ chickens are important to Geraldine because they lay eggs and she can eat them. Woody 5 yrs

Zelda is important to me because she let me hold one of her chickens. Seth 5yrs




She is important to me because she breeds chickens and she lets us cuddle them and she sells eggs to the school so we can have yummy lunches. William 5 yrs




From a bird’s eye view the children made dioramas of Zelda’s backyard.

This is Woody (5 yrs)

This is Woody's diorama

This is William (5 yrs)

This is Ayman's (6 yrs) diorama


We visited Zelda again after a few weeks and the chicks had grown. The children held the chickens and collected eggs.

This is Tallulah and one of the grown chicks

I saw Mango and the black rooster at Zelda’s house. Tallulah 5 yrs


Zelda gave me five eggs and she keeps the other eggs at her house. Seth 5 yrs

I saw Mango at Zelda’s. Thomas 6 yrs


Zelda has chickens and a dog called Mango and she gives us eggs. The five chicks have grown. Woody 5 yrs



Thanks Zelda




We made videos of our trips. What Zelda doesn't know about chooks is hardly worth knowing! Email us if you would like to see them.


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