My Place

When exploring this topic of children and their place, no place is more important to each individual than their own home, their own room, their backyard or their neighbourhood. Here are some of the maps, photos and drawings that represent "My Place" to Kerry Street kids.

Angel, Jade and Melody have a farm in Narrogin and when they come to school they stay in a friend's huge machinery shed and sleep in the truck!

"My favourite place at home is my back yard. I like to bounce on the trampoline and kick the footy and play cricket." ~Ben 8 yrs

Here is Ben swimming with Callam and Harry.

"My favourite place at home is my bedroom. I like to read and write stories." ~Kalindi 9 yrs

This is Tye's bedroom. (Look down)

Here is Callam on the rope swing in his backyard. He likes to makes cubbies and bounce on the trampoline and do any kind of sport with his friends.

"My favourite place at home is my room. I like to play lego." Tye 8 yrs

This map shows you how to get from Leon's house to Dewson's. Kerry Street school is located about where the key is!

Melody took this lovely photograph to show the simple beauty to be found in our homes, our places.

This is Jimmy and Chris. They like to swim in their pool, play table soccer, shoot baskets and play any other ball games. Jimmy plays the drums and they go to the local park with friends to play soccer.

"My favourite place at home is the chook run and the playground. I like to bounce on my trampoline and make potions. In the chook run I like to sit and hold the chicons." ~Jade 8 yrs

"My favourite place at home is my bedroom and the backyard. I like to read, dress up, listen to music and other fun things. I also love to make cubbies, play in the teepee and eat mulberries." ~Aquilla 8 yrs

This is a collage map of Hayley's (10 yrs) neighbourhood.

Robyn lives with 3 brothers so she is lucky to have a room of her own - her own private space.

Thomas lives at number 309A.

Pets are an integral part of home for lots of Kerry Street kids. This is Twilight with her fluffy cat. Twi has 5 pets and they are Moonlight, Pablo, Chala, Cloey and Daz.

This is Woody in his backyard

This is William's pet rabbit

William and Ariane's front gate. Welcome.

Looks like it's Christmas at Brendan's house

"There's a park around the corner from my house. I like going there and playing on the seesaw with my friends. There is also swings, a slide, a tyre swing and a lake with ducks in it."

Monica 11 yrs

The older students surveyed everyone at school and produced these pie graphs that give us information about how far we live from school and how we get there.


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