At Kerry Street we are conscious of acting responsibly when using the world's resources. We focus primarily on the small, practical things we can do to promote the value of sustainability as well as attitudes and values. This involves analysing our school routines and policies to see where we could do better. It also involves promoting sustainability in an educational setting, aimed at both students and their families, to help build awareness in the community.

Somehow it helps to be part of a group of people who are committed or even simply willing to change. To change, bit by bit, the way they do things day to day, to reorder their priorities, or to examine and re-evaluate their mind sets in the light of new attitudes and possibilities.


Examples of school processes we have altered include:

Some class and whole school activities, designed to increase student awareness of their responsibility as consumers include:

Kids' Swap Meet, where students pay for a stall and bring secondhand goods, homemade food products or whatever they think of, to sell to other students and staff. This has been a popular and fun activity at Kerry Street for many years.

Twilight pricing her goods

Jitana making a sale


All t hese activities and issues combine social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainability. Sometimes to be ecologically responsible costs more money, though sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it costs you time, either ongoing or setting up new ways of doing things. Sometimes it is simply information. Awareness, care, willingness, effort and patience are needed...


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