"It is better to buy KFC than Subway"

This contentious statement was formally debated by Fran's year 4 to 7 Society and Environment class in front of the whole school. The students brainstormed points for the affirmative and negative teams and worked together to present their arguments. Values and issues discussed included health, money, taste, size, entertainment, health practices, convenience, variety and truth in advertising.

"I now call on the first speaker for the affirmative team, Jimmy." ~Robyn 9 yrs
Arguments for the affirmative

Arguments for the negative

"KFC has more experience with chicken." ~Jimmy 10 yrs

"You can put anything in your rolls (at Subway)." ~Alex 10 yrs

"They (KFC) have got some playgrounds." ~Brendan 10 yrs

"They (KFC) exaggerate their rolls; on the ads they look big." ~Angel 10 yrs


  • KFC is cheaper
  • Tasty
  • Variety
  • Has drive through
  • Gives away toys
  • Get drinks with meal
  • Have hot chips
  • Ice cream
  • Bigger, yummier meals
  • Can be healthy or not
  • Have more practice cooking chicken
  • Family packs
  • Employ more people


  • Subway has more choice
  • Different breads
  • Fresh or toasted
  • Better for vegetarians
  • Kidsí meals healthier
  • Watch them being made
  • Choose own ingredients
  • Less fat and sugar
  • Can have small or large serves

What would be your arguments? These shots are taken out of a video of the event. Email us if you would like to see it.

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