I really thought that when you think about how the Aboriginals used to live that it was such a great achievement of what they did until the white settlers came and destroyed the land.  When I studied Aboriginal culture I really found out how precious and special the things they used to value were because they lived better than we do now.  Because they did take things from the environment and so did we, but the thing that separates our lifestyles is that they gave back to the environment.

I used to know nothing about Nyungar culture until I did this project.  I am really aware now about how their lifestyle is better than the one we have now.  Sure they didn’t have to, but as much as I don’t want to say it, it is not much of an accomplishment.  But also the food they ate was delicious, I tried it on the Bush Tucker Tour.  Also the things the white settlers brought along destroyed the environment even more.

After the Bush Tucker Tour and the project I thought about how the Aboriginals felt when we came and took their land and their values.  Even now some people don’t care which can really disappoint some Aboriginal people.  So when I hear about these people I think that people should care and carry on tradition.  But I learnt that people who should tell their kids about Nyungar culture and tell them the importance of the land.


Student Reflections