In one of the discussions we were talking about bush areas in Fremantle and someone commented that there are no areas of bush in Fremantle. I was reminded of a project my kids were involved in when they were at school here.  When Patrick and Joey were little LHS was involved in the revegetation of Cantonment Hill. Each winter armed with shovels (useless against the limestone) we planted numerous seedlings on the hill and watched their progress as the hill turned from a weed infested location back into bush land. Seeds were sourced from the local area by Apace so that the vegetation was close to original.

Paul and I took the class there and we climbed the hill so we could look back down on the Harbour. Fin asked whether the dandelions we could see everywhere (lower level) were introduced. We started to talk about plants that were native to the area and those that were introduced. We found some recent seedlings and kids were very keen to weed around them. Paul stayed with a small group while I took a large group of energetic weeders and we weeded along the fence line.


This was a big breakthrough. The kids started to connect with the environment and make suggestions of ways to care for it. They were really interested in the story of how LHS used to be custodians of Cantonment Hill and wanted to know if they could do something similar.



  • Contact Fremantle City Council to see if we can plant somewhere.
  • Return to Cantonment Hill with parents and better weeding attire and equipment
  • Visit Montreal Public Open space with a land carer to talk about revegetation that is occurring there
  • Look at vegetation at Bathers Beach and the planting and dune work undertaken there.

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