Values Ladder

Which place was the most important? A lot of deep thought went into this discussion with the first answers being Toyworld and Myer because they had things to buy. Children who had a connection to Fremantle through their own visits or parents working there were very vocal and attepted to convince the others that we can’t live without a hospital but you could live without toys.

This discussion led to a Values Ladder where children worked in small groups to rank 6 places.
Fin –Hospital is  more important than LHS cos it saves peoples lives

Aske-emil – LHS cos you can learn stuff

Anneke – They are both good. I can’t decide.

Bryn –Put them side by side.















  The Pre-primary/Yr 1 Mapping project started at Monument Hill. From Monument Hill you can see most landmarks of Fremantle. The children identified landmarks that they knew and were significant to them such as Toyworld, Fremantle Hospital, the Maritime Museum and Fremantle Oval. We also found landmarks that we use as a school such as the Esplanade Park and  South Beach. Some children were able to see where their houses were from here.

  Respect The class was interested in the monuments  are we talked about how it was a place for remembering and talked about how we could show respect in our use of the park.


Brainstorm - What we could see from Monument Hill












Anneke- I think the hospital becacuse if you are hurt you could go to the hospital but you would still have a school there.

Klaudia – The swan river

Fin – Yeah, the river. Fish live there you can get fish to eat from the river.

Anneke – Coles. There is lots of food there and fish would get boring. You could get biscuits and  and meat there

Jacob - You can get fish at Coles

Klaudia- You can swim in the river!



Making observational drawings of Fremantle






Fremantle ABC





Fremantle ABC



William-Yr 1
The view from Monument Hill