Close to my heart

  Which place is most important to you?

  A place of nature

  • A place of history
  • A place to learn
  • A place to play
  • A place to meet others
  • A place to live
  • A place to shop

  The children drew a heart in the middle of the page. Then they had to paste the labels on the page depending on how close these places were to their heart.

What makes a place special?

  • Being comfy
  • Its fun
  • Makes you happy
  • Nice
  • Has views
  • It belongs to you (like your bedroom)
  • Places for you to learn (like a museum)
  • Not many people
  • Has nice things like flowers
  • Nature
  • Peaceful
  • Has animals
  • It can be big
  • you have good times there with your family
  • play with friends
  • clean and tidy
  • can be a long way away

    A collection of ideas from a group discussion.

Which place in Fremantle is the most important?

Jacob – Roads are important so cars and buses and cars can get along. I use the roads when I am going to the shops, when I am going to school and when I am coming home.

Klaudia – Shops are important because if you didn’t have shops you couldn’t get food and you would die. You need shops in case people are scared of the dark and sometimes you are without a teddy and you need to buy one.

Fin- My home is important to me because if I didn’t have one I wouldn’t know where to sleep or get the things I need. My home is special to Simon cos he lives with me.

Anneke- a special place is at school cos then you can learn lots of things like if you didn’t know how to read. It’s a special place to me.

Bryn – The train station is important because you may want to get from Fremantle to Perth. I haven’t used it because we usually take a care or if we are going somewhere far way we take a plane.


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