Plasticine Wargaarl

Three younger Pre-primary boys, Asher, Fyfe and Mattie found the retelling of our trip to the river difficult so they worked with plasticine to make a 3-D representation of their experiences. This became the basis of a long term project that they worked on for several weeks. They used the plasticine to show the story of The Wagaarl – the rainbow serpent and how it formed the Swan River. Rich conversations were had between the boys as they sorted through concepts and understandings. There was a lot of talk about whether the scene was from present day or the past as they decided what features to include in the scene.



Fire by Jim and Maneesh

  One certain tree is the best wood for a fire. Aboriginals rubbed a stick in a log to make a fire. They rubbed their hands together.

They used to cook meat.

They used it to keep warm.

People - by Sagi and Olivia

They people had no clothes. They used kangaroo skin to keep warm.







Pre-primary/Yr 1 River Walk to the 'Leeuwin Chewin' with Elder Marie Taylor

What a fantastic afternoon! We went down to the river at Leuwin Chewin and Marie Taylor took us for a walk showing us how her people would have used that local area. Seeing how indigenous people would have used an area so familiar to the class group was a great way for the kids to connect with Marie and her culture.

We found out about hunting, Balgas, lighting fires, medicines. romance, gum trees, grasses, food, housing and the Wagaarl.

The children were very respectful and
took in lots of her stories.

After our walk Marie drew a large snake(Wagaarl) on the ground dividing it into sections so that each child had to decorate a section with found materials.

At school the next day the class worked in pairs to write about one
of the topics that Marie talked to us about.
  Ducks - By Felix and Aske-emil
Aborigines used to hunt ducks. They went under the water and they grabbed the duck’s feet.
They picked a plant.



Sand Snake by Fin and William

We drew a snake in the sand it looked cool. It was fun. The Wagaarl was the name of the snake.

The Rainbow Snake by Sagi and Olivia

The rainbow snake used to like throwing spears in people’s legs. It liked to have fun with people. It loved spirits.


by Meisha and Paloma

  They never went in the water because they thought that there were crocodiles and sharks there.

Hunting Kangaroos
by Miriam and Klaudia


Yesterday Marie told us about Aborigines hunting kangaroos. Most of the time the boys hunted them. The Aborigines put spears on the cliff and they made the kangaroos jump onto the spears.

by Will, Patrick and Tara

The grass tree is used for the beds and the aboriginals used kangaroo skin for blankets.
They slept in caves and stick houses.

Spears by Jacob and Hugo There are two reasons about spears. They speared people in the legs. The other reason is to catch kangaroos. The
y have sticks and rocks to make the spears. They had sticky glue to stick the spears. They threw it by bringing their arms back and throwing.























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