Lance Holt School Bathers Beach Tableau
Children from Lance Holt School love Bathers Beach!. In the past they have cared for it under a Coastcare program and many visit the place daily. Now they have made a tableau of it! Simon Gilby is a parent and gifted artist worked with the Lance Holt School in Term 4, 2005 to create a tableau that embodied the many layers of story surrounding the children’s special place – Bathers Beach.
Using clay and cardboard, students created people, animals, buildings, and vessels that all have a story to tell about Bathers Beach throughout history. 
The project used art, sculpture, story and geography to enable the children to represent the many layers of history and relationships that occur around this very significant place. It formed part of a larger project the school has been undertaking around Values Education on what children care for and how children care for and sustain their special places.














Tableau Slideshow
See images of the children creating the tableau objects and the opening at Early Works.

Putting it Together-Movie

A fun, sped-up version of the set-up of the Bathers Beach Tableau.

Making the objects-Movie
Watch the LHS children at work and lhear the Year 2/3 children tell their stories of their sea vessels.


























This project involved the whole school with each class taking a different aspect to represent. The Pre-primary/Yr 1 class used the medium of clay to make people or animals. Before making their clay figures the kids drew and researched a little about their character. The characters were chosen from a list set by Simon. The children told the story of their character.

Simon's inspirational talk at the commencement of the project excited the children and gave them impetus for the project
Simon's work with the children was encouraging and nurturing

Putting it all together at Earlyworks
On Monday the 5th December the students went down to Earlyworks for them to place their work into the Tableau. Simon worked with each class to help them remember how they created their individual stories and work and where they could best place them in the tableau. The classes went in a particular order that was best for putting it all together. This was:

Architecture:        Year 6/7
Seagulls ...............Kindies
Boats....................Year 2/3
Animals and ........ Pre-primary/Yr 1
People:................Year 4/5

See the 'Putting it Together' movie

Project Concept-Simon


E.g Mattie made a dog and told the story of how dingos used to come to Bathers Beach. Felix’s character was an artist child who came to Kidogo with his dad. These stories and drawings were completed at home as part of a take home project.