Welcome to Lance Holt School Kids Place Maps
Koora. Ye yey. Boorda. Nidja Nyungar budjar noonook nyin-ning.

(We acknowledge that yesterday, today and tomorrow we are sitting in Nyungar Country.)

Welcome to the Lance Holt School Sustainable Values Project.

The lead school teachers have modelled the sustainability mapping process with students. They used a range of arts-based and other inquiry methods, worked with multi-media in recording a plethora of class activities, involved parents in the process and systematically incorporated values education into the everyday life of the school.

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Teachers Kindy- Samantha Wynne
  Pre-primary/Yr 1-Wendy Gorman
  Year 2/3 Debra Salahuddeen and Kathryn Netherwood
  Year 6/7-Seth Yeoman
  Year 4/5-Christine Kennedy
Web Design Deb Sear
Project Coordination Kathryn Netherwood and Jennie Buchanan
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