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We come from schools where there is a long history of caring about where we live.

We think our children are beautiful, brilliant and kind.
In 2005 and 2006 we decided to work on a project that helps us better understand what sustains and nourishes us in the different places we live.
We learnt that 'our country' looks after us in many different ways.

We also learnt that there are many things we can do to care for our 'country'.
We discovered that there are many different ways of sustaining our place.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of the wonderful perspectives our children came up with.

Sustainability has four layers

cultural | social | ecological |economic

This site shows how children at these schools see the sustainability of their place.

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Kerry Street School-Hamilton Hill | Lance Holt School-Fremantle | Moerlina School-Claremont | Nyindamurra Family School-Forest Grove | Strelley School-Pilbara



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