We were really lucky to have guides who told us everything we needed to know about Herdsman lake. Bryan told us that had learned what he knew from his grandmother who had learned things from her parents and grandparents.
We learned that everything has a use and you should only use the things you need.
We learned how to throw spears in case we needed to eat in the bush - click here to find out which team was better at spear throwing - the boys or the girls?

Our visit was full of smells, sounds, textures and feelings - can you guess what this picture is? Can you imagine what it feels like? Click on the picture to find out if you are correct.

We had a peek in the filing/work area at the Herdman Lake Discovery Centre - it looks a lot like our Staff Room back at School!
We learned to make bush glue - it was messy, slow and lots of fun - want to know what's in bush glue? Check out our Tabloid Day to learn more