Educational Rationale: Teacher's Notes


We decided to use the Values Project as a platform for trialing a new project-based approach to leadership development through our Student Council.

Getting started

  • 10 students from years 3 to 7, two parents who became co-ordinators, the school principal.
  • As a group an area, close by the school was identified using the sustainability framework; ecological/environmental, social, cultural and economic. The area chosen was Herdsman Lake.
  • We then added another dimension to this framework to create our own working model. This formed the basis of our study and has helped shape our project.

The project

The project involves sustainable values mapping of Herdsman Lake.
The children will map ecological, cultural , economical and social aspects of Herdsman Lake through four time periods;

  • geological history
  • Aboriginal history
  • European Settlement
  • European Settlement
  • The present
  • Issues in relation to sustaining place (future)

The Aim

To build leadership and team skills, knowledge of the local area and values in relation to sustainability.

Learning Experiences

  • Initial meeting and planning
  • Full day experiences at Herdsman Lake with Neville Collard
  • Swamp Safari
  • Mud minibeast experience at Herdsman Lake
  • UWA geological museum
  • Night Stalk
  • Planning and presenting Whole School Tabloid Day
  • Personal journal entries, learnings and reflections
  • Variety of recording practices to log learning.

Possibilities for 2006

  • Partnering with Graylands PS to study Lake Claremont
  • Partnering with Crysallis Montesorri to further study Herdsman Lake
  • Continue community action projects for future Student Councillors