Our Community

Teacher's Notes

Intended outcomes

*Children to identify and appreciate the places in our community that add value to our lives

*Children to understand how these places have value and how we use them to get the most out of them.

Learning Experiences

*What's in our Community?

  • brainstorm on what do we do prior to looking around the community
  • Bus trip around he area to spose those places we live neareby.
  • Write tags for all the places we saw.
  • Plot tags onto a mudmap of the area
  • Sort places according to what we do theree
  • Create icons for place categories

*Used categories to classify places at home/house

  • places to eat /places to play/entertainment/sleep/wash
  • Compare homes
  • Children's become aware of values and uses within environments/may be different for different people but still as valuable

*Make map of classroom /pinpoint areas of value

*Map own bedroom, use icons, share with others

*Graph favourite places from places already brainstormed


More work would need to be done to expose children to the variety of opportunities out there in our community and how we can make the most of them.

These concepts will develop with maturiy and more exposure to them.