Claremont Showgrounds


The first Perth Royal Show was in 1834
The YMCA serves afternoon teas every year at the Show

Timeline of The Perth Royal Show

1834 -November the annual show begun and the first fair and cattle was held on 7th November.

1890 - The show had expanded to a 2 day affair providing much more amusement. ..........The Queen liked the show and gave permission for it to be called "The Royal Show".

1893 - It was one of the best shows ever for amusement.

1902 - the Government gave Perth Royal Show (PRS) 35 acres of land

1965 - 60th Anniversary. $250,000 was spent on it for the first time. The attendance was 255,164 people.

1966 - The attendance was 285,141 people.

1970 - PRS moved to a larger area

1974 - It became a 10 day event and ran on a Sunday for the first time. The wool pavllion opened.

1982 - Up until now there was a midweek holiday, named People's Day, so people and families could attend the Show

............but this changed and from 1982 onwards the show would run through the September school holidays instead.

1984 - On its 150th Anniversary the Show ran for 16 days so more people could come.

2005 - it continues, children enjoy it, there are now more rides than ever.