Station Street Markets

The Perfect Market Place

At the conclusion of our research and activities it was important to us to put together all the concepts we had learned. It was important for the teacher to understand exactly what the students had learned from our activities and visits. The results were amazing. Here is a taste of the knowledge gained.

The Perfect Market Place model

Here are some photos of our ideas................

Using a variety of blocks, the students spent time constructing "The Perfect Market Place" as they thought it should be, based on what they had learnt from the research of the Station Street Markets. They worked in groups of 5-6 on a rotational basis adding to what the other groups had made, so it became a collaborative model.

On reflection they had included all the aspects of values and sustainability although this had not been specified in the activity description by the teacher.

Click here for script of some of the class discussion to describe our plan and important features of Our Perfect Market Place

We used the most basic school building materials to constuct a market place.

Everybody in our class contributed and there were many thoughtful ideas that as a team we built on to show cultural, ecological, economical and social ideas that worked together for community.

We labelled lots of things so passers by in our school community could share our ideas and spread the great things we had learned.

In 'real life' our children's playground would be made from recycled materials for the environment and be placed next to the coffee shop so parents could have coffee (because parents need coffee) and children could play (because children like to play). That way all the family could come to the markets and the market sellers would have more people to sell to and be able to sell different things.

If we build 'up' we lost less land, saving the natural environment.

We build in safety measures.

The train station decreases pollution by people using less cars. The train was designed to work on magnetic power to save the ozone layer and natural resources!