Station Street Markets - Ecology

When the Station Street Markets were first built, land was cleared so they could build the stalls and a place for parking.

Over twenty years ago there would have been a lot of natural land around Perth because there were not as many people and houses as there are now. We think this is why the builders did not keep more natural trees...

"a long time ago most people did not think if we keep chopping them down, there will be none left!"

The food court has been made with gardens because people like to sit around gardens when they are relaxing. People think trees are important now.

The trees in the court yard make us think people are becoming more tree friendly.

There is even a stall that sells grass trees so they can be relocated instead if destroyed.

We had hoped the market developers would have kept some of the natural suroundings so now, twenty years later, we could have seen what grew here a long time ago.