Station Street Markets - Social

Perth people come to the markets from local communities and other suburbs for a relaxing weekend outing.

The food courtyard is set in the heart of the markets. There are outdoor tables and chairs to sit at with many potted plants and shade for protection. The wide variety of international foods makes it a tasty meeting place for everyone. There is food for all ages, different cultures and taste bud..The food court is an excellent placetaste multicultural.

The food court is an excellent place to taste multiculturalfood, meet, talk or just relax in beautiful gardens.

You can get most kind of food you like including Chinese, Mexican or even Japanese.

The food court is  located in the middle of the Station Street Markets

      by Nick

We sat down in the courtyard to write some reflections on what we had seen. The parents had coffee!

The stall owners enjoy working at the markets because they have become a community of their own