Station Street Markets

Teacher's Notes - Station Street Markets

Proposed Outcomes

At the conclusion of the values and sustainablility project the students will;

Planning and Activities

My overview of the project attempted to include a balance of meeting the needs of the values and placemapping project along with the style of learning the children are familiar with at Moerlina.

It was important for the students to identify with the markets at different levels and times so they could make judgements and evaluations of the impact and importance in the community. It was also important for them to be able to interact with community members to get first hand knowledge of wide spread ideas and values.

The students needed adult support, teachers and parents with safety and transport issues but were more than competent at chosing topics of interest, planning how to gather information and then conducting themselves in public to notetake and colate information.

The students thoroughly enjoyed being interactive in the community and feeling a sense of control over their own learning in a safe and successful situation.


Whilst the students made maps, notes, conducted interviews, held discussions etc happily, I wanted to be able to accurately assess the extent to which they had processed the relevant information and their ability to apply it to a situation. For this reason I felt the colaborative hands-on construction of a model of a "Perfect Market Place" would accurately reflect this information. It would successfully cater for all students individual learning styles and give them a variety of avenues to express their understandings.

This proved to be highly successful and provided me with visual, auditory and written information about their high level of understanding of both sustainability and values.


The time restraint on the project was a drawback as we could have gone on for months. The students were enjoying developing ideas and wanted to extend some paths further but were cut short due to time.

Our other obstacle was gathering accurate historical information from administrative sources. It appeared to be difficult to locate people who could be relied on to locate and contact us with information. The distant history of the Station Street Markets still remains a mystery to us sadly.

In conclusion

Working collaboratively with other schools on this values project has reinforced for me, our learning style at Moerlina is so successful. Giving schools, students, parents and the community chances to work together, sharing information, brings successful learning and community mindedness. It builds connections and life long skills for learning.