Nyindamurra Frog Garden 'Bog Habitat' Project

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Find out about Geocrinia alba the frog | Frogs GPS and WALIS Update June 06

Nyindamurra Family School is working on sustainability in order to improve the natural environment around the school grounds.

We have created a frog friendly environment in order to encourage the survival of the tiny 25 mm geocrinia alba frog which is native to this area.

The Nyindamurra Family School has adopted the Frog Species Geocrinia alba as their mascot. This is the small White Bellied Ground Frog and it is only found in 130sq kms in the Karridale-Witchcliffe area of Western Australia.

The students have improved the frog bog garden by adding leaf litter, rocks and logs and monitoring the water flow into the habitat from a nearby drain.

Geocrinia alba lives on clay soils in dense vegetation in damp or swampy areas in areas kept moist into spring and summer by seepage along creek lines. They lay a small number of eggs singly in shallow water where they sink to the bottom.

This Frog Species is a 'High Priority #1' endangered species as its future sustainability has been greatly threatened by continuing development for agriculture and housing and bad fire management.

This frog is light brown on its back, with larger raised dark spots. The belly is white or very pale yellow. The arms and legs are short and the body is heavily built.


The reason that such frogs become endangered is mainly due to the changing face of the landscape, caused by such problems as:

  • The introduction of small creeks, dams and domestic ponds replacing marshland
  • The increased flow of water into local habitats due to land erosion, encouraging larger predators frogs from outside of their own environments

On Monday 20th March, the project was launched at Nyindamurra Family School.

Givenjiri Lamperd Year 7