'Frog Doctor' Johnny Prefumo to the Rescue!

The Nyindamurra Family School has adopted the Frog Species Geocrinia alba as their mascot. This is the small White Bellied Ground Frog and it is only found in 130sq kms in the Karridale-Witchcliffe area of Western Australia.

This Frog Species is a 'High Priority #1' endangered species as its future sustainability has been greatly threatened by continuing development for agriculture and housing and bad fire management.

We had a Building A Frog Friendly Garden Workshop at our school on the 26th November 2005, with the ‘frog doctor’, Johnny Prefumo.

He introduced us to our local Ground Frogs, Burrowing Frogs and Tree Frogs and we learnt about their breeding cycles and the type of habitat that sustains them.

Johnny Prefumo came back to visit our school on Thursday the 2nd of March 2006. We showed him our drain that we have chosen for our Frog Bog Habitat and in it under the leaf litter in just a very small amount of water, we found several species of Ground Frogs. We are all very excited about this discovery.

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