By Scott Guthrie Phelps

On the 20th of March, Nyindamurra had a get together for the launch of the frog bog garden.

Denise Guthrie had a little speech to tell everyone about the little ‘Geocrinia alba’ frog so they knew why we were building this frog bog garden.This frog is only found in 130sq.kms of the Karridale – Witchcliffe area and is becoming hard to find due to the increasing loss of its habitat that sustains this small White Bellied Ground Frog. Nyindamurra School has adopted the ‘Geocrinia alba’ as their mascot.
After Denise’s speech, Johnny Prefumo (The Frog Doctor), took everyone outside to where the Frog bog garden is and talked to us all about the little frogs that lived in this area. They don’t need much water, not like the Tree Frog Family. The Ground and Burrowing Frogs prefer the swampy and boggy environments. He also showed us some native bees that are also living in the ground near the frog’s home.
The year 4,5,6,7 class did a little bit of frog artwork for the front covers of their visual diaries while all the parents talked. The year 1,2,3 did a play about our South West Frogs and they were so good.

When everyone went back into the Art Room, Bronny Hayes had prepared for us all a beautiful afternoon tea of scrumptious cakes that she had baked.

Bill Webb an elder from the WARDEN ABORIGINAL CULTURAL CENTRE was going to come in but for some reason, he didn’t make it.
So that is what happened on the Frog Bog Launch day.

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