Frogs GPS and WALIS

On Friday, Bronwen from WALIS (Western Australian Land Information Systems) and Johnny Prefumo coming to our school to meet with our Yr 4,5,6 & 7 and Gus. The students showed Bronwen the 'frog bog' and talked about the plans for this site. Johnny introduced us to the GPS and we talked a little about this and the significance of the using of this.

While out in the bush, Johnny had us listening to the frog calls and we identified the Bleating frog, Crinia pseudinsignifera, which sounded very much like the bleating of a lamb and also we heard the Clicking frog, Crinia glauerti.

The students will decide what they will be collecting data for in order to produce a presentation of their work, for this Spatial technology in schools competition using GIS (Geographic Information System).

Possibilities include; location and identification of native vegetation and frogs ; chorus mapping of frogs and linking this with vegetation and hydrology etc; setting up photo points and monitoring weeds etc. The students will work with Johnny as the mentor and also a technician from WALIS. This is comes to fruition to encourage students to take an interest in this field of work.

We shared a lunch at the school in the warmth of the sun. I lit up the outside pizza oven to spark the curiosity of the kids......and it worked (especially when their is food involved!)

Johnny and Bronwen came out to the farm and we visited a possible site to monitor, something that will be suitable to bring the kids for a camp over for NIGHT STALKING.