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Teacher's Notes (by Pam Tuffin): All participants were NFS students in 2005. InitiallyI did the radio play as a carrier project to help with spelling, grammar and motivation for just two kids.
It was intertwined with sustainability because thats what the kids were doing in class so it got into their writing.The two writers talked about marketing both the play and worms as part of financing their school, and they wanted more use of worms for the school gardens.
We recorded the play out of hours. I was doing a unit called 'Children and the Media'..When I told one boy about an assignment which proposed working with kids as peers to create some media, he got fired up about it. (He had previously done some drama with my classes out of school hours. ) He is crazy about bugs etc so he suggested the worms. A girl joined us as a co-writer and we did write some at school but there were no stipulations.The kids themselves decided on what content was 'suitable' etc. They did the research and I helped them make notes etc- their interpretations may or may not be accurate!.
The boy writer made the decision to include the other two boys who joined us for rehearsals (2 of - about 1/4 hr each) and we then recorded it in Manfred's studio in the Boranup Forest. The kids were very professional in the studio.They knew I was paying for the time and so there could be no second chances.They selected the sound effects.. and they made some.. and others I had to put in as they d irected. (I had fun doing that!- actually it was all fun!)
After the first airing of the play at school we had a little celebration at the NFS tree.During the making of the play, the boy writer and a helper took on the daily sorting of school lunch scraps to feed the kindy/pre worms as their part of stewardship of the school.