Mikurrunya Hills

The Mikurrunya Hills are an important place for our community. These hills are located at the Marble Bar turnoff along the Broome Road and, also mark where we turn to go to Strelley when travelling from Port Hedland.
The Mikurrunya Hills are steep sloped hills with rocky outcrops. A traditional story explains how these hills were formed through a family quarrel. Today there are many animals near these hills that we can eat.

Some of students have written about their experiences of Mikurrunya Hills:

"Mikurrunya Hill is a part of Strelley, Warralong and Woodstock. Sometimes we go hunting around Mikurrunya. Lots of kangaroos have a rest beside the hill. From Strelley to the hill is 14 kilometres. Tabba Tabba River is also part of Strelley and is near the old Strelley Station. Most people go hunting at East and West Strelley Rivers and look for goanna or bush turkey. Sometimes people go to the Shaw River for a meeting or church gathering."

Sharona Foote, aged 17.

"The weather at Strelley is very hot because there is no rain, only black clouds. All the animals are thirsty for water at Strelley so, all the animals went to the DeGrey River for water. Then they feel good."

Kimse Jack, aged 14.