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Strelley Community School is an Independent Aboriginal Community School  operating in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  There are three campuses that comprise Strelley Community School:  Strelley, which is located 60km east of Port Hedland,  Woodstock, 200kms south of Port Hedland and Warralong, 160kms south-east of Port Hedland, Warralong is the administrative centre of the school. Click on the map above to view each campus.


Students in the school are ESL learners, drawn from a language background that is predominantly Nyangumarta, with Warnman and Manyjiljarra spoken by some members of the Community.  There are approximately 70 students in the school ranging from pre-school to high school aged children.

A high emphasis has been placed on the attainment of literacy and numeracy skills for all year levels.  An important component in teaching literacy skills is the school's commitment to and employment of the National Accelarated Literacy Program (NALP) as a vehicle for promoting and accelerating Literacy learning.


We are proud of our school and hope you enjoy learning about our special place.