Strelley Weather

Our country has a harsh environment. In summer the temperature easily reaches 45 degrees Celcius at school. Just the other day we had 28 millimetres of rain in half an hour. We also get strong winds and huge thunderstorms too! Our weather is pretty special. Find out what our students think about the wild weather at Strelley.


Willie willies are big storms and they pick up rubbish at Strelley. They go around in circles and can pull people at Strelley. They blow dust and spin around. Then they come back.

Larissa Ginger, aged 12.

Willie willy is coming!


Willie willy is here!




The weather at Strelley is hot. Big cyclones come near Port Hedland. Cyclones can bring big black clouds, thunder and big rains. Everyone must go people go inside in a cyclone. Do not go outside because cyclones can pull you. Do not eat food in cyclone time and do not go outside because you will get wet and sick. Cyclone Monty came to Warralong two years ago. Annabell Jack, aged 13.
When a cyclone comes it rains alot! The roads get cut off and you can't drive into town. One time people were stuck at Warralong for over two months because the roads were closed.
Never fear, our school's 4WD truck will make it!


"The weather in Strelley is hot most of the time. It is cold at night and hot at day. In summer Strelley has a wet season. It gets hot at Strelley. We sit in the shade and we go inside. I like hunting kangaroo, goanna, turkey and emu when itís dry. We catch them and then we go home and have a feed."

Courtney Ginger, aged 10.


  The sand is hot. We stand on the spinnefex grass so our feet don't burn!

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